Intel Arc Alchemist: specs, features, release window, and everything we know

Intel announced details of its new Arc series of discrete graphics processors based on its new Xe HPG architecture. This first batch of GPU is dedicated for laptops, with desktop and workstation versions arriving later this year.

How powerful will Intel Arc Alchemist be?

It appears as though will be seeing some of the best gaming laptops running Intel Arc Alchemist GPUs in addition to what is currently available on the market right now. As far as the dedicated graphics card front goes though, it has been rumoured that the Intel Arc Alchemist could be as powerful as the RTX 3070 Ti, though this claim has yet to be officially verified. According to Videocardz, alleged specifications claim that the upcoming GPU features 4,096 GPU cores, 16GB GDDR6 memory, a boost clock of 2.2 – 2.5 GHz, and a 256-bit memory bus. 

A recent Intel Investors event showed the Intel Arc Alchemist running Shadow of the Tomb Raider inside the ‘Beast Canyon’ small form factor custom gaming PC. Important to note that this title was optimized with the XeSS supersampling technology for optimal frame rates and performance, meaning that the now four-year-old title has been confirmed to receive the company’s answer to DLSS and FSR. 

Image: INTEL

Intel also has a very brief look at its upcoming desktop graphics card. There was a short teaser video showing the form factor of the card, which is a limited edition Founders Edition sort of model from Intel, although there will likely be models available from AIB partners as well. No further details were provided regarding this product. Here is the teaser video for you,

We’ll be bringing you all the latest Intel Arc Alchemist news as soon as it’s hot off the presses across all form factors of the PC gaming scene. We’re cautiously optimistic that this could be the right time for Intel to establish itself in the GPU market, though ultimately time will tell as we progress through the next few months.

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